Sunday, March 20, 2011

2011 Wedding Trends

Hello All,

Hope you had a wonderful St Patrick's Day! Wedding Season will be here officially in the next couple of weeks and I can't wait to see the latest trends take off!

While I am currently working with quite a few couples for my 2011 weddings , there will be LOTS of design work, personalization Bling

So, these are the trends I  foresee, in 2011.

                        Ekua Tandoh, DEbE                            
                                                    Expert Event/Wedding Consultant

I’ll start with my predictions:

In terms of color –
In 2010 we saw a wide range of color in weddings, ranging from beautiful all white weddings to very rich jewel tones – 2011 will be a HUGE swing from the white weddings; we’re going to see lots of warm tones.You’ll also see infusion of warmer metallic tones of Copper, Bronze and Silver

Food –
The trend has started and will continue – you’ll see more and more menus with local seasonal foods as well as some great twists on traditional comfort foods.
Ethnic fusion in food will be stronger than ever…
And thanks to Prince William…it looks like colored stones in engagement rings will be hot this year as well

In terms of bridal fashion -
We’re going to see sparkle and glitter for 2011!
There will be a lot more crystal detailing in the bodice of gowns as well and in the form of accessories.
Expect more, large crystal jewelry cuffs and hanging crystal earrings this year; they have a very vintage look and feel.  Bling is back, in a big way.
Cool seating will be a continuing trend which takes on a new, interesting twist….
We’ve seen “feast tables”, long tables or square tables mixed with more traditional round guest tables….
We’re seeing the use of really interesting clear tables – these offer a great clean contemporary look and in many cases can be lit from underneath.
While many couples might not be able to afford them for ALL of the guest tables – using them for an escort card display, cake table or to display a signature cocktail may be just the right accent.

I’m  seeing more palettes of nature, ranging from shades of ocean blue to colors of the beach in tans, whites and browns – all the way to sunset colors of purple and orange.
Bold choices in ink colors are being mixed in as well – coral, bright green, turquoise and this year’s hot new color …Honeysuckle!
I’m also getting lots of requests for custom illustrations and monograms which reflect the personality of the couple….

Second Wedding Gowns! Costume changes are going to be more popular than ever – second gowns to party in, or changing accessories on your first gown.
We’re going to see new head pieces, a slight change in hair style or accessories, a change in belts or jewelry ….definately a second look to party in will be in. We’ve even seen sneak peeks at gowns that convert into a shorter ‘party’ dress!

-  So, that’s the 2011 Wedding Trends from the team here at Deliteful Events by Ekua Wedding Consultants… bottom line – it’s all about personalization and your guest experience….

Infusion of your personlity into the wedding – bringing in your fun, flirty side or touches of your family tradition and ethnicity…

Congratulations on your engagement…we’re excited to be part of your planning!

Call us for a free consultation and we look forward to creating a lasting impression on you and your guest.

Thanks to qh for ref.