Monday, June 18, 2012

OAA Dinner Dance Fundraiser Event - The Long Awaited Red Carpet Event - Dress Code

Dear Friends and Fans, I hope
you have started the summer off with lots of wonderful plans and social events,well I can tell you mine has started and I am very grateful to be part of these wonderful gatherings.

I have gotten quite a few emails regarding the dress code for the most anticipated Red Carpet Event of the Year "The OAA Dinner Dance Fundraiser" taking place July 7th 2012 in Greenbelt MD, oh how I can't wait for this night to come,we will be having a ton of fun but at the same raising money for our Great School "Achimota"

Ok, I could go on and on ,on how great this school is but I will stick to question at hand here...LOL...
Back to the question What is the dress code for this Event?
Answer; Strictly Formal (Black Tie) and formal Traditional wear.
What is a Black Tie Event?
So I did some research on one of my favorite sites (Wikipedia) and this is what it defined A Black Tie Event as;

Black tie is a dress code for evening events and social functions derived from Anglo-American costume conventions of the Nineteenth century. Worn only for events after six p.m., black tie is less formal than white tie but more formal than informal or business dress. It is also more formal than recent intermediate codes of “creative,” “alternate” or “optional” black tie.

For males, the elements of black tie are a suit, usually of black wool, in which the jacket lapels and trouser braid are of silk or other contrasting material, a white dress shirt, a black bow-tie, a waistcoat or cummerbund, and black dress shoes.

 Women's dress for black tie occasions has varied greatly through the years; traditionally it was dinner (ankle) or tea (below mid-calf) length sleeveless dress, often accompanied by a wrap or stole, gloves, and evening shoes. Today, cocktail (knee) length dresses are considered equally appropriate in most places.

Here are pictures of some of my favorite celebrities struting their stuff on the red carpet thanks to (Black Tie Blog) ( | Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)
I found that the trends in black tie seem much the same as with the recent Hollywood awards ceremonies. Namely, conservative interpretations continue to dominate as does the absence of waist coverings (and the resulting abundance of shirt navels peeking out beneath the dinner jacket’s button). In regards to neckwear, the elegant bow tie continues to battle it out with the pedestrian four-in-hand.
( | Bauer Griffin)

Thanks to Michael Kors for sharing this beautiful picture of my President and my first Lady as always looking amazing:

                The director and cast of “Killing Them Softly

Director and cast of "Mud".

                                        Director and cast of “Mud”.

Cast of "Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted".
                  ( Cast of “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted”.

Sean Combs at the premiere of "Killing them Softly".

( Sean Combs at the premiere of “Killing them Softly”.

"The Paperboy" cast and director at the film's premiere.
( | Bauer Griffin)  “The Paperboy” cast and director at the film’s premiere.

I 'd like to also include a few pictures of formal traditional wear from Bella and
Rock Chics

So there you have it , I hope you enjoyed the pictures of these beautiful people and I hope I was able to answer your questions on what to wear. I can't wait to see all my beautiful people on the 7th of July

Oh by the way it's a Red Carpet event and and the camera's will be on you.

Lights Camera Action Ladies and Gents :)

As Usual

Love Always

From the DEbE Team

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Top Wedding Trends for 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!
I know I have been quite for awhile,the reason being 2011 was a marvelous year and I already miss the amazing events and beautiful clients and vendors I had to honor meeting. Well enough said we are back refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to create and plan more deliteful events.

2012 will be a very interesting (and super gorgeous) year for weddings. We expect to see big glam, thoughtful themes, and lots of attention to detail.
Last year’s royal wedding absolutely influenced wedding dress trends. Thanks to Kate’s long lace sleeves, we will be seeing a greater variety of different necklines and sleeve lengths. Strapless gowns will take a back seat to one shoulder, illusion necklines, cap sleeves, and deep v necks. Dresses will be much more romantic and elegant than last year. This doesn’t mean that traditional “princess” gowns should be expected. Some will be long, fitted and sleek. Others will be in pale colors such as blush.

Above all, expect more glamour. For several years, we have seen a trend towards simple and in 2012 we will start to move away from that. From sparkly accents to faux fur shrugs, weddings will look more expensive and have that little extra “pop” of opulence. Bejeweled details will also be popular, such as cool brooches on bouquets, decorating candleholders, and adorning invitations.

The very popular food stations from last year will continue through 2012. Although, there will be more details to dress them up such as sleek matching signage and more emphasis on presentation. Many couples will choose to have a food station as their favors such as “make your own midnight snack” tables featuring popcorn, candies, and cookies. Dessert tables will be less about cupcakes and feature more bite-sized desserts and pastries, alongside a layer cake (let’s face it–the most crucial detail for any guest).
In flowers, big and lush bouquets are making a comeback. Expect lots of multi-textured bouquets with different hues. Centerpieces, although they won’t all necessarily match, will also follow this trend. Even couples who choose to use flower substitutes, such as paper flowers or food centerpieces, will be incorporating a lot of dynamic textures.
The vintage and rustic trends will still be huge in 2012, but will definitely be taken up a notch. Couples are realizing that not everyone can make DIY look like an Amy Atlas tablescape (seriously, who can pull that off?). However, they love the individualization and originality that DIY details can provide. Therefore, many couples will start buying their “DIY” details, and having florists and other artists complete their vision for them.
From the bridesmaid dresses to the boutonnieres to the centerpieces, 2012 weddings will have even less symmetry and cookie cutter layout (no matchy-matchy, ladies!) than before. Expect different dresses and shoes on bridesmaids, variations on details like table numbers and place cards, and different rented furniture for each area. Most of the time, all of these things will still be unified by some type of central theme or mood to keep it polished and stylish.
Couples are starting to think of their wedding as less of an impressive, but somewhat impersonal, event and more of an intimate gathering. Some weddings will have smaller guest lists to achieve this, while larger weddings will use communal dining tables and creating small spaces within the event room to have the feel of a more inclusive gathering.
The color palettes for 2012 are at seemingly opposite ends of the spectrum. Super creamy neutrals are very on-trend through most of 2012. However, extra bright pops of color will be present over the spring and summer, such as red-orange, lime greens, and royal blues. Black is also back in a big way as an accent color.
As great as the 2011 weddings were, we at Deliteful Events by Ekua can’t wait to see the real weddings and events this year!

As always


ref: Monique Lhuillier, One Wedding, WC

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On Behalf of Deliteful Events by Ekua LLC,we would like to say a Big Thank-you to our Beautiful Couple,Clients,Vendors and Fans

A message from Ekua Tandoh owner and Director of Deliteful Events by Ekua LLC

Hello my Beautiful Friends,

2011, has been an amazing year for me and the company as a whole,we were honored to be part of memorable events and couldn't have asked for more amazing clients.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my clients, The Nwoke's,The Soyeye's,The Boateng's,The Okorie's, Akwaaba Radio,The Cox's, Francesca(Seska Lounge), thank  you for making us part of your beautiful Day and trusting us to coordinate and plan your BIG day.

I could not also have done this without the coorporation of my vendors,thank you for responding to all my ridiculous requests ;) my last minute updates and adhereing to my standards.

We are winding down the season,with a few events left on our plate,with that being said we can't wait to kick off 2012 with more DELITEFUL events and new ventures

Please stayed tuned for more amazing blogs,amazing couples and deliteful events

We love you all


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Timing is Everything

As a Wedding/Event planner, I always put a lot of time and effort into the scheduling for a wedding/event day. Sometimes more often than I would like :) but it’s a very important aspect for the success of the day. A wedding is like a production – and like any production – it has to have the right mix of excitement, emotion, visual impact, and above all, good scheduling! Timing is everything, and without good timing, all the other stuff can’t happen.
You will never host a bigger party then your wedding, so take the time to do it right.
Where do you start? Like all productions, it has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Begin with the middle – that’s usually the most important stuff, like the ceremony and reception. Then build off from there. Timing of the ceremony, cocktails and dinner are a good starting point.

Then move onto the beginning of the day. Talk to the hairstylists and make-up artists you've hired. How long will it take them to do everyone’s hair and make-up? It’s very important to make a schedule for that – so that everyone knows what time they will be getting made up, otherwise no one knows when or where they are supposed to be. That’s why weddings start late – because the morning activities were not scheduled properly. Mark down everyone’s name and appointment time, and make sure they all know where they have to be. Do you have a bridesmaid that is notoriously late? Tell her to show up fifteen minutes earlier to make sure she is on time.

Make sure to leave enough time after you are made up to get into your wedding attire. This is usually an important time with your mother, sister, or bridesmaids. You want to really enjoy this time and soak it all in. You don’t want to rush through this, especially because this will be right before you walk down the aisle – you want to feel calm and not rushed.

Photos – you should leave 2 hours for your photo session. That does not include driving time between photo sites. Choose only 1 or 2 sites to ensure you get quality time at each site. Talk to your photographer and get their input on your schedule as well. They are the pros, so they will know exactly how much time they will need to capture your images. Again, schedule this time - how long it will take to travel between sites, etc. is a great tool for helping with this. Leaving a five minute buffer in between the times you leave and arrive will also ensure you aren’t rushing from point A to point B, and gives you a bit of slack in case someone is late, or something unexpected happens.

Vendors – talk to your vendors and ask them what time you can expect them to arrive. The DJ or band needs to arrive prior to the event to set-up equipment. The musicians for the ceremony will also need to arrive prior. Your bakery will need to know when to deliver the cake. When will your flowers be delivered? What time will the limousine pick everyone up? The venue will need to know what time you will be starting cocktails and dinner. Mark these times down on your schedule as well so that everyone is aware of where they need to be and at what time.

Then move onto the happy ending – the reception. Consider the following and schedule them in order, and make sure your MC and DJ each get a copy:

- Your grand entrance
- Introductions
- Grace/Blessing
- Dinner start time
- Speeches and toasts
- First dance
- Cake cutting
- Garter and bouquet tosses

Once you’ve finalized your schedule, send a copy to all of the vendors involved in your day to make sure everyone is on the same page. Also give copies to everyone in your wedding party – this way they have no excuses for being late!

Remember it's your DAY,have lots of fun,lots of laughs because you are the center of attraction,it's Lights,Camera, Action!

Love as Usual
Deliteful Events by Ekua

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tanya & Eke's Washington,DC Engagement Shoot - Part ll

I'm so happy to share the beautiful and fun images of Tanya & Eke's  "e-session"....oh, the "hotness" of this summer shoot.....Tanya & Eke are the cutest couple and their style is simply AMAZING!I love the simplicity of the decor for the shoot...the details are all so romantic and the wardrobe choice for Tanya & Eke is perfect.....I love it all. Let's check out all the prettiness captured by Derick.....Enjoy!

Meet Tanya & Eke

Aren't they just the cutest couple...and I love their style!
I just can't wait to make you Mrs. Okorie
The Perfect Pair
My Beautiful and Classy couple
This is where it all started,he is still charming and she is ever so beautiful just like the first day!
Tanya's Appletini
Tanya & Eke, thanks for sharing your sweet love shoot with us...xoxo

Lot's of Love


Monday, May 23, 2011

Unique Ideas for Cake Toppers

Personalize an Acrylic Heart frame with a pic of you and your Honey

Hello Everyone and hope you had a lovely weekend!

Before you start to look into wedding cakes, you might not be aware of all of the possibilities for wedding cake toppers. 
 Traditionally, an initial of the Bride and Grooms first names or porcelain figures of a bride and groom sit on the top tier of a wedding cake.But,does it have to be limited to those choices?It’s not your parents’ wedding, it’s yours!  Think outside the box!  There are so many more options available now.
Not that there’s anything wrong with initials or porcelain figures. There’s something to be said for tradition, and those are perfect choices for traditional cakes. But you shouldn’t have to think within the confines of tradition.  The topper is usually the central focus of your cake.  Make it a statement about you as a couple.  But how do you figure out what you want to say, and how do you say it on the top of a cake?  Consider these questions when deciding how you’re going to top it off.

How did you meet?
Was it at work?  In college?  Did you grow up across the street from one another?  There are millions of stories of how couples meet, and no two are the same.  Pick something memorable about how or where you met, and make that into a cake topper.  Maybe something from your college bookstore or your workplace?  Maybe something from your first date, like replicas of movie tickets.

Where are you from?
Are you both from the same area?  Maybe try flags from your country of origin or two black and yellow taxi cabs if you’re from New York City.  Think about what is special about the area you’re from, and use that as a representation of who you are for the top of your cake.

What do you do for a Living?

Are you both doctors?  How about little figures dressed in lab coats?  Are you both accountants?  How about a calculator with a message spelled out on the LED screen?  Are you both teachers?  How about two apples or tiny chalkboards with a message written out in chalk?

What are your Hobbies?

Do you both enjoy Golfing ?Maybe you both enjoy cooking. You could use a set of salt and pepper shakers, one with a tiny veil and the other with a bow tie.  Do you like to travel?  You could use tiny suitcases with destinations written on them, or small model airplanes.

What are your favorite sports teams?

photo from
Are you a Soccer Fan? Have two figurines in your favorite teams jersey, I am a Manchester United Fan,how original to use their logo as my topper,or if your  Fiancee is glued to the TV when a Laker's basketball game is on, feature those moments as your toppers,and your guest will love the originality of your cake

What is your personality type? 

Are you animal lovers?  A small bride and groom dog or cat would work.  Maybe you’re music lovers?  A small representation of Rolling Stone magazine with your faces photoshopped onto the cover would be great.  Are you into physical fitness?  Maybe a pair of his and hers running shoes.

Whatever your story is, there is sure to be something you can pull from it to use on top of your cake.  Whether it’s traditional or humorous, it should be a statement about who you are as a couple.

Thanks so much and be original!


Some Ref: from WZ blog

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My beautiful Couple - Anthonia & Fola - May 28th 2011 - Part 1

Happy Wednesday and say hello to Anthonia and Fola my very beautiful and amazing couple....Although I met Anthonia and Fola barely a month ago,I feel so honored to be a part of their wedding.The moment I met with my amazing couple for the very first time,right of the bat I knew,they were madly in love and a fun loving couple.

Well Anthonia and Fola will be Tying the Knot May 28th, 2011. Anthonia & Fola's wedding day will be filled with the love of their families and friends......I love how intimate their wedding day is  going to be and all the perfect details...their wedding will be held at Jesus House Baltimore and reception will be held at  the St Joseph Hall  in Baltimore,MD......let's check out all the beautiful pictures and get to share their love story...Enjoy!

Meet Anthonia & Fola
Sheer Bliss


She Loves to read

He loves music

He serenades his Bride-to -Be

She hears his call for her love!

Love is Sharing and Sweet

I will always love you!

Always and Forever

Love is playful

A & F 05/28/11

We are one!

Thank you and again you guys make me love what I do,thanks Anthonia & Fola for sharing your amazing love story  with us here at Deliteful Events by Ekua