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Unique Ideas for Cake Toppers

Personalize an Acrylic Heart frame with a pic of you and your Honey

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Before you start to look into wedding cakes, you might not be aware of all of the possibilities for wedding cake toppers. 
 Traditionally, an initial of the Bride and Grooms first names or porcelain figures of a bride and groom sit on the top tier of a wedding cake.But,does it have to be limited to those choices?It’s not your parents’ wedding, it’s yours!  Think outside the box!  There are so many more options available now.
Not that there’s anything wrong with initials or porcelain figures. There’s something to be said for tradition, and those are perfect choices for traditional cakes. But you shouldn’t have to think within the confines of tradition.  The topper is usually the central focus of your cake.  Make it a statement about you as a couple.  But how do you figure out what you want to say, and how do you say it on the top of a cake?  Consider these questions when deciding how you’re going to top it off.

How did you meet?
Was it at work?  In college?  Did you grow up across the street from one another?  There are millions of stories of how couples meet, and no two are the same.  Pick something memorable about how or where you met, and make that into a cake topper.  Maybe something from your college bookstore or your workplace?  Maybe something from your first date, like replicas of movie tickets.

Where are you from?
Are you both from the same area?  Maybe try flags from your country of origin or two black and yellow taxi cabs if you’re from New York City.  Think about what is special about the area you’re from, and use that as a representation of who you are for the top of your cake.

What do you do for a Living?

Are you both doctors?  How about little figures dressed in lab coats?  Are you both accountants?  How about a calculator with a message spelled out on the LED screen?  Are you both teachers?  How about two apples or tiny chalkboards with a message written out in chalk?

What are your Hobbies?

Do you both enjoy Golfing ?Maybe you both enjoy cooking. You could use a set of salt and pepper shakers, one with a tiny veil and the other with a bow tie.  Do you like to travel?  You could use tiny suitcases with destinations written on them, or small model airplanes.

What are your favorite sports teams?

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Are you a Soccer Fan? Have two figurines in your favorite teams jersey, I am a Manchester United Fan,how original to use their logo as my topper,or if your  Fiancee is glued to the TV when a Laker's basketball game is on, feature those moments as your toppers,and your guest will love the originality of your cake

What is your personality type? 

Are you animal lovers?  A small bride and groom dog or cat would work.  Maybe you’re music lovers?  A small representation of Rolling Stone magazine with your faces photoshopped onto the cover would be great.  Are you into physical fitness?  Maybe a pair of his and hers running shoes.

Whatever your story is, there is sure to be something you can pull from it to use on top of your cake.  Whether it’s traditional or humorous, it should be a statement about who you are as a couple.

Thanks so much and be original!


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