Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meet my very Beautiful couple Tanya and Eke - Part 1

Hello Everyone,

Meet my very very lovely couple Tanya and Eke,I first met Tanya and Eke at my party last year and right of the bat I knew they were meant for each and a proposal was right around the corner :)

Well, I was right later that summer,Eke and Tanya took a trip to the Island of St Kitts and that's where Eke went down on one knee and proposed to his lovely bride to be Tanya.....Awww "I love these moments"

So the BIG date has been set 9-10-11 is D day and planning has already begun.Tanya and Eke are going for a Chic elegant affair and are blending both their cultures,Tanzanian and Nigerian into their wedding.....Hmm East African/Nigerian foods the blends of many spices which make the absolute best wedding menu.

So stay tuned for part deux when we meet with our vendors,I can't wait to give you a sneak peek!

Thank you Tanya and Eke for allowing me to share your truely amazing love story!

Deliteful Events by Ekua

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Art of the Toast - Toast and how to make them

Hi There,

Again the season quickly approaches,Proms,Graduations,Weddings,Birthday's you name it, with great weather comes lots and lots of entertainments.

Today I would like to speak on "The Art of the Toast"

Not every party requires a toast; a perfectly fabulous evening can be had without  everyone toasting each other but when you're hosting a party with a guest of honor,a toast is a suitably reverential thing. As the hostess/host you should always be the first person to toast the guest of honor and you should stand when making a toast. A gentle tap on a wine or water glass is the time-honored way of getting everyone's attention. Be prepared- know what you want to say ahead of time, be brief and stay simple, then wait for the applause. Here are some of my favorites:

May the best of happiness, honor, and fortune keep with you
Here's to a belly full, a heavy purse, and a light heart
May our house always be too small to hold all our friends
Here's to a friend. He knows you well and likes you just the same
Here's to cold nights, warm friends and a good drink to give them
Make the most of life while you may, life is short  and wears away!

If you are participating in a toast, make sure that your glass is at least 2/3 full for the toast. It is considered bad toast etiquette to toast with an empty glass. Don't raise your glass until the speaker asks everyone to stand or raise a glass. Also, it is not necessary to clink glasses with everyone nearby during a toast. While it is appropriate to do so if it is a small party, in a large group it is perfectly fine to simply raise the glass and then drink. It is never a good idea to not participate in a toast. If you are present at the event, you should participate in any toasts given while there.

So these are my recommendations to the "Art of the Toast"

Cheers to you!

Ref: KK