Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My beautiful Couple - Anthonia & Fola - May 28th 2011 - Part 1

Happy Wednesday and say hello to Anthonia and Fola my very beautiful and amazing couple....Although I met Anthonia and Fola barely a month ago,I feel so honored to be a part of their wedding.The moment I met with my amazing couple for the very first time,right of the bat I knew,they were madly in love and a fun loving couple.

Well Anthonia and Fola will be Tying the Knot May 28th, 2011. Anthonia & Fola's wedding day will be filled with the love of their families and friends......I love how intimate their wedding day is  going to be and all the perfect details...their wedding will be held at Jesus House Baltimore and reception will be held at  the St Joseph Hall  in Baltimore,MD......let's check out all the beautiful pictures and get to share their love story...Enjoy!

Meet Anthonia & Fola
Sheer Bliss


She Loves to read

He loves music

He serenades his Bride-to -Be

She hears his call for her love!

Love is Sharing and Sweet

I will always love you!

Always and Forever

Love is playful

A & F 05/28/11

We are one!

Thank you and again you guys make me love what I do,thanks Anthonia & Fola for sharing your amazing love story  with us here at Deliteful Events by Ekua

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